Jim Lavery Jim Lavery

The Artist

Born September 1st, 1992, I didn't pick up a camera with the intent and purpose that I have now until I was 20 years old. The first camera that I ever bought myself was a Canon EOS 60D. I had saved for months in order to afford it and it opened the door to a whole new perspective of the world. I began to see everything as a picture. Light suddenly became a numerical value that I was calculating everywhere I went. I began to notice colors as complementing or contrasting as I walked around town. I knew things weren't going to be the same, and I was okay with that. Being able to adapt to new surroundings is something I've always been very good at, and with photography it's not much different. I always love the challenge of photographing in a style that I'm not familiar with. As long as that challenge is there, I will continue my pursuit in becoming a master of this art.